“FX Networks is delighted to have been judged the winner for the 2010 Next Generation Fibre-Optic Network Award” said Murray Jurgeleit, Managing Director of FX Networks. FX Networks received the award at the prestigious annual TUANZ Innovations Awards ceremony that recognises outstanding innovation within the telecommunications arena in New Zealand.

The TUANZ Next Generation Fibre-Optic Network Award 2010 is awarded for the fibre-optic network project which makes the most significant contribution to moving New Zealand towards next generation fibre-based telecommunications.

NGNs are critical to New Zealand. ComCom says Next Generation Networks (all IP networks or NGN) have the potential to deliver significant social and economic benefits to New Zealanders. In a global economy, the provision of high quality, innovative and cost effective communication services are likely to have increasing importance for New Zealand’s continued competiveness and productivity.

The award judges commented: “FX Networks has done for national networks what Citylink did for metro networks. They have challenged old-world business models, breaking down old-world thinking and have shaken up the place. They have an innovative interaction with customers, wide market impact and a co-operative operation.”


‘…“FX Networks could credibly conduct a regional orchestra” if the government ends up leaning that way for rural broadband or the UFB…’

National Business Review, September 3rd, 2010.

Mr Jurgeleit also went on to comment “We see our network not only as an NGN but it’s the future for the next generation of New Zealanders – which is underlined by our recent win with the KAREN advanced network. There are other networks in New Zealand but they were mostly designed and built last century. What worked yesterday is probably not good enough to get you to where you need to be tomorrow…”

03 September 2010

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